The home base of DoubWorks was established by clearing a section of woodland in New England to build a workshop.

Using a portable sawmill, we processed timbers and boards from the trees we cleared off our property.

Our workshop's design draws inspiration from traditional timber framing techniques. We collaborated with Tom Musco, a master timber framer from Royalston Oak Timber Frames, to craft the joinery for our frame.

A group of friends, family, and neighbors came together to help us raise the frame amidst the freezing temperatures of mid-winter.

Merging our Master of Fine Arts degrees in painting and sculpture with our skills in drawing, printmaking, photography, woodworking, and art handling, we established DoubWorks in 2013.

In 2016, our workshop transitioned to being fully powered by solar energy!

DoubWorks Custom Artist Materials

We are grateful to our dedicated customers who have supported us as we've grown and worked to make the highest quality products. We continually upgrade our shop and our in-house milling processes to ensure the best services. We look forward to hearing about your projects!