Custom Stretcher Bars

We offer custom, fully keyable stretcher bars and braces in two kiln dried wood species: Tulip-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.) and American Basswood (Tilia Americana).


Bar and brace joints are mortised and tenoned to allow proper tensioning of the canvas while maintaining strong connections. All of our stretcher bars and cross braces are fully keyable and come with engineered injection molded wedges. We fabricate stretchers with six different profile options. Stretchers are shipped as unassembled bars unless our Canvas Stretching service is requested. 


To place an order or to receive a quote for customized stretchers, including large folding stretchers, stretchers in fractions, metric sizes, stretched and primed canvases, or any other custom specifications, please submit a Request a Quote form.


We make all products to order from rough lumber. Lead times vary week to week depending on demand.

Custom Stretcher Bar Profiles from DoubWorks
DoubWorks fully keyable custom stretcher bars
Poplar and Basswood stretcher bars, 1.5" Original profile
DoubWorks fully keyable custom stretcher bars
Poplar stretcher bars, 1.5" Original Profile
DoubWorks stretcher keys for tensioning canvases

To use our engineered corner keys to re-tension a canvas, insert a key into each of the two notches in all four corners of the stretcher. Gently tap each of the eight keys until all corners are evenly expanded. If your stretcher includes cross braces, insert a key into each brace joint and tap them the same as the corner keys.