Custom Stretching

We provide custom stretching using our unprimed Belgian Linen (Styles 185, 73D, 215, 144, 74D, 66J, or 135), unprimed #10 Cotton Duck, or unprimed #12 Cotton Duck. Custom stretching includes stretcher assembly and professional stretching with proper warp and weft alignment.


We highly recommend that all stretched canvases be delivered by our team or picked up directly from our workshop. While it is feasible to ship small stretched canvases (30" x 30" or smaller) via UPS, we advise against it and do not accept responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping.

Custom Priming

We provide custom brush applied by hand priming for stretched canvases. We use Golden acrylic gesso and will apply your required number of coats. We also offer Golden's recommended Rabbit Skin glue replacement preparation for oil painting, which consists of one coat of GAC 400, one coat of GAC 100, and two coats of white acrylic gesso.