Stretcher Bars

We offer custom stretcher bars and braces in two kiln dried wood species: Tulip-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.) and American Basswood (Tilia Americana).

Poplar and Basswood stretcher bars by DoubWorks

Properties of Poplar and Basswood

Structure -

Poplar and Basswood have similar structural stability, strength, fine grain, and warp resistance. Basswood is lighter in weight than Poplar, which can be an asset for larger-scaled stretchers, and is softer than Poplar, more akin to Pine in hardness.


Cost -

The cost of Basswood bars and braces is higher than the Poplar due to the higher cost of the rough lumber.


Color -

Poplar is cooler overall, with a green-ish tone. Basswood has a warm, more reddish tone. 

About our custom stretcher bars and cross braces

All of our Poplar and Basswood bars and braces are fully keyable with wooden wedges. Bar and brace joints are mortised and tenoned to allow proper tensioning of the canvas while maintaining strong connections. 


To place an order for custom stretchers (including large folding canvases, stretchers in fractions, metric sizes, non-rectangular shapes, or any other custom specifications), please submit a Request a Quote form to have your custom order created.


We also offer standard sized bars and braces in two-inch increments up to 120 inches through our online shop. 


*Please note that bars longer than 104" cannot be shipped via UPS Ground. Please contact us to arrange other delivery options.