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*** Please note that we make all products to order from rough lumber, including orders placed through our online shop. Lead times vary week to week depending on demand. ***

Our Heavy Duty Deep Profile Stretchers use the same stock as our Heavy Duty Stretchers with the addition of  a 3/4" piece of beveled poplar to create a deeper profile. The standard Deep Profile stretcher is 2.5 inches deep, but is also available from 1.75 inches to 2.75 inches deep. To order a custom depth please submit a Request a Quote form with your requirements.


Please note the asterisks by the longer bars. The number of asterisks represent the number of braces recommended for the stretcher bar. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed info about ordering bars with the recommended number of braces. 

Heavy Duty Deep Profile Stretcher Bar


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  • Lead times vary

Heavy Duty Deep Profile Stretcher Brace


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  • Lead times vary

Deep Profile Stretcher Keys

Use these with our keyable stretchers to tension the canvas when needed.

Order one pack per complete stretcher.


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  • Ships within 1-2 days

Shipping/Billing Notes:

Due to the complexity of shipping charges, we will calculate actual shipping costs after you submit your order and will send you an invoice via PayPal. This invoice is payable with a credit card (with or without a PayPal account) or with a check by mail.

How to Order Stretcher Bars and Braces:

First select the length bar you want and add it to your shopping cart (bars sold individually). In the shopping cart you will be able to change the quantities to the desired amount. You will also need to add braces to your cart. The length braces you order will be the same length as the bars you order.


Please note the asterisks by the longer bars. The number of asterisks represent the number of required braces for the stretcher bar.


Example: to make a 60" x 84" Heavy Duty stretcher, note that the sixty-inch bar is listed as 60"* and the eighty-four-inch bar is listed as 84"**.  For this stretcher you will need (2) 60" bars, (2) 84" bars, (1) 84" brace, and (2) 60" braces.