Folding Stretchers

Our folding stretcher system, using joints in the stretcher bars and braces, allows for a small amount of canvas to be un-stapled and lets the canvas bend on a radius in order to fold the painting without causing a crease.


Each folding joint adds $40 to the total cost of the stretcher. For example, a 48" x 120" stretcher requires three (3) folding joints - one in each in the two 120" bars and one in the 120" brace - for an added $120 to the total cost of the stretcher. The folding joinery requires minimal assembly and all hardware is included.


See below for short videos showing assembly of the folding joints in stretcher bars and braces, how to collapse a folding stretcher once it's been stretched with canvas, and assembly of a large-scale folding stretcher.


For questions or to receive a quote for a folding stretcher please send us a Request a Quote form.